Exciting Summer Shows!

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Hi Everyone!

This summer is as musically busy as ever – plenty of venue gigs, as well as outdoor and patio shows, wedding ceremonies and receptions, private lessons, and another group guitar class. Details on all public shows are available in the Calendar section, but there are a couple of particularly special shows coming up this summer that I would like to say a thing or two about.

The first is the Jess & Zeb 10th Anniversary Show on July 27th. Here’s the write-up on our Facebook event invitation:
Once upon a time, in the summer of 2003, a singer and a guitarist named Jess and Zeb began playing music together, and formed acoustic duo Jess & Zeb (best duo name ever!). Their first show was at a venue called Jitter’s. Fast-forward 10 years, and Jitter’s no longer exists, but Jess & Zeb still do. The venue formerly known as Jitter’s is now known as Honey, so it seemed the most appropriate location for a 10-year anniversary celebration!

We will be playing a set of acoustic music, and then, as a special bonus, we will be bringing a band up to join us for the second set:

Dan Musselman – keyboards
Brent Wallace – bass
Zach Schmidt – drums

Don’t miss this one! Good times are 98% guaranteed. There is no age limit (as long as anyone under 21 is out by the end of the show at 10 p.m.), so feel free to invite anyone you want! Stay tuned for further details.

You might recognize the names of the musicians joining us for this gig from the liner notes of my “Long Time Coming” album. These guys are all such great and professional players, I’m looking forward to working with them in a different context.

The next show I want to address is on one of the last official days of summer, and also my birthday – September 20th. I will be heading to my home state of New Hampshire for a special reunion show with one of the first bands I ever played in, Brick House, at a venue called…Brick House. Did I mention I also teach at a music store called Brickhouse Music? Strange coincidence. But I digress.

Playing in Brick House was easily one of the most significant experiences of my music career. We were a band from 1995 to 1999, and during that time, we released two CDs, packed venues all over the seacoast NH area, performed live on the radio multiple times, and opened for some incredible national acts, including Semisonic, Chris Duarte (one of my all-time favorite blues guitarists), Corey Glover (lead singer for Living Colour), and Maceo Parker (leader of James Brown’s legendary horn section). We played one reunion show in 2001 (just before I moved to MN), another in 2004, and haven’t done one since. While I was in NH for the holidays in December, the members of Brick House got together for an informal jam session on songs we wrote, but hadn’t played in 8 years. That led to hours of talking and reminiscing, which eventually led to the organization of this reunion show.

So, depending on where you live, it will probably be difficult for you to make it to both of these shows (one in Minneapolis, MN, the other in Dover, NH), but you should at least make an effort to get to one of them. I’m very excited about both of these shows (excited enough to inspire my first blog in over 5 months!). Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited for all shows, but special and significant ones like this don’t happen all that often. I’m fortunate to have two in the same summer!

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