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Happy Spring! It seems the warm weather arrived early this year, a welcome change after last winter. But enough weather-related small talk. Let’s talk about some music, shall we?

I’ve been gigging quite often lately, with The Brute Squad, the Jess & Zeb duo, and even the occasional Zeb Cruikshank Band fusion gig mixed in. It’s always good when a working musician stays busy! Plenty of shows on the calendar for spring months, and I’m starting to book summer dates as well, so keep an eye out for that.

I’ve also been maintaining a 5-days-a-week teaching schedule (total of about 35-40 students every week), and I’m always encouraging them to practice, but it’s sometimes hard for me to “lead by example” with all of the gigs, rehearsals, and teaching I have going on. I do try to keep up a practice routine, though. A lot of times, my practice sessions are dominated by reviewing songs for upcoming gigs and rehearsals, but I have been finding time lately to do some “real” practicing, too. In coming weeks, if you happen to notice my right-hand picking technique has improved, please let me know! It will make me feel like those tedious exercises have been worthwhile.

If you’re a ReverbNation user, I did just create a profile there, so look me up! I’m not sure how involved I’ll get with that site, but I figured it was a resource worth checking out. With all my websites and social networking sites, it’s hard to maintain all of them (I have a LinkedIn account that I’ve basically abandoned, I rarely update MySpace since very few people seem to visit that site these days, and I haven’t gotten around to trying Google+ yet), but go ahead and “add” or “like” me on your favorite site, as long as you’re aware that zebcruikshank.com is always the best place to visit for the latest info.

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