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Hi Everyone,
Welcome to my new website! I had a marketing agency that was running my site for a little over a year, but I recently decided to terminate my relationship with them and go back to handling promotion on my own. I’d like to thank Keith Daggett, a web designer I found on craigslist, for putting this site together quickly on short notice, and setting it up in a way that will make it easy for me to update and maintain myself. I’ve already added some videos, mp3s, pictures, and upcoming show dates, and I plan to do plenty more, so be sure to check back soon and often for all the latest!

As you may have heard, I recently released my first fusion album, titled “Long Time Coming”. I was fortunate enough to hold two CD release parties for the album – one on September 18th at the Artists’ Quarter in St. Paul, MN, and another on November 26th at the Stone Church in Newmarket, NH while I was in the area visiting family for Thanksgiving – both of which were an absolute blast. If you want to hear some tracks from the album, check out the Music page on the site, and if you like them, you can purchase the CD or mp3s on the Store page (also available on iTunes, Rhapsody, etc.). Also, check out a clip from the NH CD release party on the Video page (an excerpt from a funky rendition of Miles Davis “All Blues”).

I’m also still performing often with classic rock band The Brute Squad (formerly known as The Blues Machine…we were also The Ninja Code for about 2 weeks…and The David St. Hubbins Experience for a few days…there are other less-appropriate ones I will not share here), and acoustic duo Jess & Zeb, so be sure to check the Calendar page and find a show near you soon!

I haven’t gotten around to getting my e-mail list up and running again yet, but it’s at the top of my list. I’ll be sending periodic newsletters (maybe once or twice a month) with the latest news and upcoming shows, so if you’d like to be on the list, sign up on the Contact page (where you can also find links to everywhere else I can be found on the internet, such as Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace…if anyone uses MySpace anymore).

Sorry if this first blog reads more like an instruction manual, but I wanted to make sure to give you all a proper introduction to the new website. Subsequent blogs will be at least 14% more entertaining, I promise.

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